With NMD the journey from hire and hired is a matter of
“D”: re–Defining human capital.
Power through the world of job hunting and headhunting with NMD.
Built over a decade of trust and understanding, NMD has successfully decoded the complex algorithm of human resource management with customized solutions built with industry-based knowledge, vast experience, and a strong network base. Streamlined execution with quick response and a simplified end to end framework makes NMD the perfect guide to navigate through the world of endless opportunities without a hurdle.
Walking with the giants doesn’t seem easy, but with NMD it’s a walk in the park.

We are specialized in

Leading the market of headhunters and bulk recruitment, NMD specializes in syncing human resource requirement with the right applicant. The process starts from the entry point of receiving CVs and ranges until successful onboarding.

Keeping aligned with the need of the bonds built with our clients, NMD provides value-added services around Human Capital Management through payroll outsourcing, manpower planning, and other relevant HR practices.

Prioritizing credibility, NMD’s extensive system of verification is a potent instrument in detecting scams and acts as a firewall against fraudulent entities that you are planning to recruit.

What makes NMD unique is the ability to get the best out of each individual through need-based training conceptualized as per market requirements. These trainings range throughout the HR vertical.

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